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Here I've answered some common questions as well as expected etiquette from the moment you contact me to our interactions following the amazing rendezvous. If after reading through this page you still have an unanswered question, feel free to email me. 

What is your Personality type?

I am an adventurous, reliable & energetic woman with a bubbly personality who loves to please and have fun.

How should I Enter + Leave?

As I like to remain nearly invisible to my neighbors, please enter and exit my condo in a quiet & respectful manner. Please reserve our greetings and farewells for inside my condo; enter and exit quietly.

How can I give you your Donation?

Upon entering, kindly place your donation on a table in plain sight without referring to it. This is a sacred exchange; please let us not discuss money at this time, but move graciously forward. 

Are your pictures really you Nina?

Absolutely. All images depict me. New Professional Pictures coming soon!

Do you like Gifts?

I love gifts, though they are not required or expected. If you wish to indulge me - I would be delighted to receive a gift or gift card. If you are sending me a gift card, send it to


What is your Cancellation Policy?

I do understand that life happens and sometimes a scheduled appointment cannot happen. If in the event you need to cancel please do so immediately. Please call if your going to be late, or need to reschedule. Late arrivals can cause your session to be cut short or cancelled.

I am uncomfortable giving you your required screening information.

I am the only person who will see your information. It is what I require to feel safe meeting you. I cannot make exceptions to my screening rules and unfortunately, we may just not be a match.